Battlefield 2042: DICE Is Renaming A Boris Skin Referencing A "Real World Issue"


DICE has announced it will change the name of a Battlefield 2042 character skin that was perceived to be insensitive. Players informed DICE that one of Boris' Mastery Tier skins contained a reference to a "real world issue."

This issue is not "reflective of [developer DICE's] values," and it will be changed in a future update. DICE said it appreciates fans bringing this to its attention.

DICE didn't confirm the specific skin in question, saying only that it is a Mastery Tier skin for the Specialist Boris, who is Russian. One of Boris' Mastery Tier skins is called "Little Green Man," and this is seemingly the skin in question. This terms is in reference to the Ukrainian crisis.

Today you helped inform us about a name we use for a Skin in Boris' Mastery Tiers.
It unintentionally references a real world issue, and isn't reflective of our team's values.
We'll be changing the name in a forthcoming update, and appreciate it being brought to our attention.

— Battlefield Direct Communication (@BattlefieldComm) November 12, 2021

Boris is described as a "self-motivated" soldier who is seeking power and control and is known to be "a bit aggressive" when it comes to his leadership skills.

"Boris is trusted to get the job done, albeit with maximum collateral damage," reads a line from his character description.

In other news, Battlefield 2042 players have reported "persistence data" errors that is leading to issues connecting to matches. DICE has made progress on this and more and more people are now able to connect, thankfully.

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