Payday Crime War Beta Starts In December

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While Payday fans have to wait a while longer for 2023's Payday 3, the mobile game Payday Crime War is launching its beta in December. Registrations for the beta, which will take place on Android and eventually iOS, are open now.

iPhone users can register for news about the Crime War beta, but there is no word yet on when the beta will go live on the App Store.

Payday Crime War: Official Beta Teaser from PopReach Corporation on Vimeo.

Crime War is in development at PopReach and is expected to launch globally in 2022. If you're just catching up, Crime War is a FPS set in the Payday universe, and it's the first mobile game in the Payday series--which just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

"Our PopReach team has a track record of translating successful shooter games to mobile, so we're eager to be taking a shot with such a genre-defining classic as Payday," PopReach's president Christopher Locke said. "Partnering with Starbreeze and leveraging their IP knowledge, along with this massive builtin audience, creates a tremendous opportunity for Payday on mobile. Together, we believe we'll be able to deliver a first-class mobile shooter experience that satisfies even the most loyal heisters."

Lead designer Ed Hicks said, "We're all huge fans of Payday, and our design efforts have been focused on creating a mobile first gameplay experience that preserves the original spirit of the franchise. We're excited to gather feedback from our beta participants, to help us deliver a game that both new and existing Payday fans are going to love."

In other news, we recently learned more about the setting and story of Payday 3. You can also check out GameSpot's interview with Starbreeze about Payday's 10th anniversary.