Popping Pets

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GTA Trilogy Removed From PC Store [UPDATE: It's Back]
For a period of time, there was no way to buy or play The Definitive Edition on PC.
Payday Crime War Beta Starts In December
Before Payday 3, a new mobile game is on the way.
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The pets are taking over in this new colorful and dynamic connection line game! You have to connect the pets in succession with their equal counterpart, doing so will make them explode into dozens of coins that you must collect. Make awesome combos and earn as much currency as you can and unlock other powerful pets in the shop, each with its own super power. Also you can use the money to unlock boosters that will give you a hand to complete each scenario and help you to maximize your high score. Pick your booster before entering each level and off you go onto the popping pets frenzy!

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